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Earnings on the Partnership Programs
While looking for extra earnings in the Internet, each person tries to find the most profitable propositions of the partnership programs. One can start with more simple tasks, while another one tries to move to the more complex tasks immediately. But the aim is always the same – to get more knowledge in order to succeed and to earn more.
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Swap Free Accounts or Islamic Accounts
Despite the fact that the name of the account is associating with the religion, the phrase "Islamic account" is quite far from the religion. This type of accounts is provided for the Muslims, whose religion, or better to say the law of the Sharia, forbids to work with the accounts, which Swap.
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Features of the EMA (Exponential Moving Average) on Forex
Moving average not only allows to smooth the price charts, but also simplifies for traders the opportunity to enter or leave the market on time, which is very important while trading on the volatile market. To increase the delay, which is normal for simple moving average, traders on the currency market often use exponential moving average (EMA).
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What is Scalping and Pipsing?
These two terms are often heard on the Forex market. Scalping and pipsing are kinds of trading strategies which are used by traders in order to make profits from the fluctuations of the currency courses within the day. Such orders are conducted in a very short period of time, sometimes even in several minutes. When you use this trading strategy your earnings from every order can be very small, but the whole profit can be high enough because of the big amount of the orders.
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The Difference between Market and Instant Execution
Traders always think about the difference between Market and Instant execution. What execution type is better to choose? JustForex offers its clients the Market execution of the orders to make the trading process pleasant and comfortable.
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Manual vs. Automatic Trading
For many years, people have been trading on the foreign exchange market, and in the beginning, the manual method was the only way used in order to fulfill this. But since the technology has developed since that time and there are a lot of people now who use the automatic trading on Forex.
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Trading Plan: Do You Have It?
When people start trading, they focus on searching the most profitable trading strategy. After the right strategy has been chosen, traders usually think that they just have to apply it and the profit will come. But there is one thing which traders usually forget about – trading plan.
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The Origin of the Wave Analysis Theory
In this article we will speak about one of the methods of technical analysis which is now one of the most popular among some traders – wave analysis. Let's consider the basis and the origin of this method in details.
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Pivot Points in the Trading
The main goal of using pivots points – is the determination of the most important support and resistance levels. Moreover, with the help of it, trader analyses the market mood in the time of the lateral movement, as well as in the period of the Strong trend.
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Wave Analysis
Wave analysis is nothing else but the "wave theory" of Ralph Nelson Elliot. The basic of this theory is an assumption that the psychology of social behavior may be represented in the form of models.
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Tik Tac Toe
Graphical models are in a wide use both: for the analysis of the quotes on the screen of the terminal and with the charts of the method "Tic tac toe". They don’t give any guaranties regarding the directions and purposes, but quite often recommendations, based on these models give positive results. The principle of the method is founded on...
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